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1986 inductees

Buddy Holly
Influence: Buddy Holly was a big influence on the rock scene that came to pass and, unlike some of the R’N’R beginners, is still an major influence. 40
Innovation: Buddy Holly was one of the first musicians to play rock and one of the first to use multi track recording techniques. 40
Critical Respect: Buddy Holly, while not a hailed as Little Richard or Chuck Berry, is still very respect amongst critics. 30
Commercial Success: Buddy holly had pretty good record sales, but nothing amazing. 5
Chuck Berry
Influence: Chuck Berry was a massive influence on future guitar players, possibly the biggest. 40
Innovation: He revolutionized the use of guitar and was the first to bring it out as a lead instrument. 40
Critical Respect: Chuck Berry is the most respected of the early rock and roll artists. 30
Commercial Success: Chuck Berry had many hit records in the 50’s and 60’s. 15
(10 bonus for The Great Twenty Eight)
Elvis Presley
Influence: Elvis was a massive influence on the rock and roll scene of the 60’s and 70’s. 40
Innovation: He was one of the first to perform rock and roll. 40
Critical Respect: Elvis is less respected critically than Chuck Berry but he is still among the most critically respected artists of the rock and roll scene. 30
Sales: Elvis is the biggest selling solo artist ever. 30
(10 bonus for Elvis Presley)
Everly Brothers
Influence: The Everly brothers had a big influence on artists such as Paul McCartney and Simon And Garfunkel. 30
Innovation: The Everly Brother’s music wasn’t particularly innovative. 0
Critical Respect: The Everly Brothers are still critically beloved. 30
Sales: The Everly Brothers are the biggest selling rock duo on the hot 100. 20
Fats Domino
Influence; Fats Domino was an important influence on the music of the 60’s, especially The Beatles who wrote Lady Madonna as an emulation of his style. 30
Innovation: Fats Domino has been cited as one of the first rock and roll artists but his music had more to do with the blues and boogie woogie. 25
Critical Respect: Fats Domino’s music is still loved by critics, but not as much as his R’N’R Peers. 20
Commercial Sales: Fats never enjoyed particularly big sales. 5
James Brown
Influence: James Brown is an influence on virtually all funk artists to come since. 40
Innovation: James Brown helped establish funk as a genre. 40
Critical Respect: he is still hailed as one of the greatest solo artists of the 60’s. 30
Commercial Sales: James wasn’t very successful commercially. 5
(10 bonus for Live At The Apollo)
Jerry Lee Lewis
Influence: Jerry Lee Lewis had a great influence on rock, especially artists coming out of the 60’s. 40
Innovation: He helped solidify the piano in rock and was one of the first rock and roll artists. 40
Commercial sales: Jerry never had many hits even in his heyday. 5
Critical Respect: He is critically very successful , with one publication, rolling stone, putting him at 24 in the greatest artists ever. 30
Little Richard
Influence: Little Richard was possibly the third most influential R’N’R artists beneath Chuck Berry and Elvis. 40
Innovation: He was the first to introduce shouting vocals in rock and was one of the first rock artists. 40
Commercial Sales: Little Richard wasn’t successful commercially, even his biggest hit and most acclaimed song Tutti Frutti got only to 17and Long Tall Sally and Keep On knockin’ were his only top 10 hits. 5
Critical Respect: Little Richard is still given a lot of critical respect and has featured in many “best artists of all time lists” 30
Ray Charles
Influence: Ray Charles music has been influential on many genres, soul, R&B and rock artists have all praised him. 40
Innovation: Ray Charles is often credited with having a big part in creating soul music. 40
Critical Respect: Even now he is still credited as one of the greatest artists off all time. There’s a reason he’s called The Genius. 30
Commercial Sales: Ray Charles was rather successful with his single “What’d I Say” selling 1 million copies. 10
Sam Cooke
Influence: Sam Cooke is a big influence on soul singers from the 60’s to now. 40
Innovation: Sam Cooke was one of the first to sing the music known as soul. 40
Critical Respect: Sam Cooke is hailed as one of the greatest soul singers ever by critics and also fellow musicians. 30
Commercial sales: 10 Sam Cooke was very successful in the US and at one point rivalled elvis for record sales. 10

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